The Rum

Black Spot Coffee Rumeldorado-bottle

Black Spot Coffee Rum is an all natural, all local, coffee infused rum made in 2.25 liter batches in my own galley. Bottles of the treasured brown nectar are given as gifts to other worthy pirates, close personal friends, and on the rare occasion, to a particularly talented or amusing landlubber.


Premium Texas Rum
I start with Premium Texas Rum that’s handcrafted in small batches just outside of Austin in Manor, Texas. It’s made with South Texas molasses and natural Texas spring water. It’s triple distilled and then allowed to rest in American oak barrels for just the right amount of time.

Real Vanilla
What’s that thing floating in the bottle? I wouldn’t dare use imitation vanilla or vanilla extract. I add an actual vanilla bean to every bottle at the beginning of the process to allow time for the rum to be infused with real vanilla. Just remember not to accidentally swallow the bean if your drinking straight from the bottle (like a pirate would).

Locally Roasted Coffee
The coffee used is shade-grown, hand-picked, 100% SHG Arabica coffee beans from family-owned farms in the rain forest of Matagalpa, Nicaragua. The coffee is imported and roasted right here in Austin. I cold brew the ground beans which extracts the coffee’s true flavor and eliminates much of the acidity, producing a bold, smooth coffee concentrate.

Pure Cane Sugar
I finish the process with something to sweeten the deal. You won’t catch me using corn syrup or artificial sweeteners. Black Spot coffee rum is sweetened to perfection with pure cane sugar.

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