It’s all about the hat

I needed a new hat. My previous hat was a conversion from a cowboy hat I bought at Wal-mart several years ago for about $15. The price was right, but the brim was really just to small to look right as a pirate hat.

I wanted to stick with something as inexpensive as possible and I found hat blanks for $24 at Jas Townsend & Son.

I used a portable steam iron to crease the hat in the style I wanted then added a button and a feather to finish it out.

Old Cannon balls

If you find an old cannon ball on the sea floor do NOT bring it topside – it could explode. ¬†According to this article “Davy Jones doesn’t like you touching his stuff, and he’s booby-trapped it.” Plus there’s a couple of scientific reasons the old ball could go boom (of course the Davey Jones thing sounds cooler).

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