the Troll Cross

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This hand crafted Troll Cross includes a leather strap and can be worn as a lovely piece of jewelry or spun fiercely overhead to fend off would be attackers.

According to Scandinavian folklore, the Troll Cross is a powerful protection symbol believed to ward off trolls and other creatures that might intend to do you harm or cause mischief or mayhem that would inconvenience you.

Buy the Troll Cross now!

This specific design has been passed down through our family over the years and originated from one of my ancestors, Fjolner Freysson, who claimed that the original was given to him by an old grey bearded wanderer who only had one eye and was accompanied by a raven.

I can personally attest that as long as I have worn this amulet I have never been the victim of any curse (including the evil eye). I also have never been attacked by, harassed, or even seen any of the following: a troll, grumpkin, chupacabra, siren, dragon, gorgon, kraken, dark elf, nymph, ogre, goblin, orc, cyclops, gremlin, or Mongolian death worm.

Personally I never go into a forest or even a city park without my Troll Cross around my neck. This is what some of our satisfied customers are saying about the Troll Cross:

My sword is my life and livelihood, but when it comes to battling unnatural creatures, I never go into battle with out my Troll Cross. – Percival the Sword-sell

We had a terrible goblin infestation in the castle and nothing helped. We even spent thousands on a piper that turned out to be a fraud. Once I purchased my Troll Cross, our goblin problems were gone overnight! – Lady Lyrica

Our mother would never let us play in the forest, especially after cousin James was eaten by a grumpkin. Now that we have our Troll Crosses, mother lets us play wherever we wish! – Fredrik & Helena

Whether you’re a King or a commoner, no one should go adventuring without a Troll Cross. Buy yours now!

Buy the Troll Cross now!

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